Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hmmm, I think I will

Y'all know I have eleven kids, right? No, not baby goat "kids" but real, live beautiful children!
I have given birth to every one of them. No twins for me! (there's always time, I'm only 43)

I usually blog about whatever is on my mind, or whatever project is going on around here on our 2 acre piece of earth  with a fixer upper home, or whatever is going on in the gardens.....

Can I make a confession? I have a fear! I have a fear that I don't really have much to say or offer that may be of help to someone else. I mean my daily life is nothing unusual to me. It's just what I do. :)

But, I think I've been listening to the devil and not my Heavenly Father. I've been deceived and believing a lie.

See, I do have a lot to offer! I do have a lot that I could share with someone else!

Am I perfect? Nope! That is part of the reason why I haven't really done "how to's", etc. I feel like I'm not Godly enough, or Holy enough, or perfect enough.

It has recently come to me that I don't have to be any of those things!  All I have to be is willing.

Willing to share with you where I've come from. Willing to share what God has done with and in my life.

I've come a long way! I am not the same me I was 20+ years ago. I've learned a lot. (I'm still learning) I believe I have some things to share.

So I think I will.  :)

I'll still be sharing whatever comes to my mind, or whatever tree I just bought, or how I miss Montana, or how I want another baby, or how...... you get the point. :)

Blessings to you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

I know this is supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday... but I wanted to share three pictures with you.

This was our home when we moved (back) in it.

We slowly as we could afford it, started making it a home.

Wow. Even I am amazed when I see this. We have done so much, even on a budget.

It has been a joy to make this place "us". We have painted, planted bushes and trees, installed ceiling fans, new toilets, flooring, put on a new roof, built a shed, put in gardens and much more. All on a budget, mind you. :)

This house has gone from a very neglected house to a home. Our home. Thank You Lord!

If there ever comes a day when it is time to leave this home, that is okay. I will be at peace with that. What a beautiful home someone else will get to enjoy!

And whatever "new" to us home we will be blessed with in the future, I'm sure we will enjoy making that home "us" as well. :)

No, we don't have any plans yet to leave this lovely place. The Lord has us right here, right now.
For now.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Guess where I just came from?

My very own brand new, white... not mustard yellow.... shower! Ah, the blessing of running water on your head. No taking a spit bath using the bathroom sink or attempting to bathe in the kids blow up pool out back at night. (fully clothed so as not to scare the neighbors, of course)

Speaking of neighbors, our dear Mennonite neighbor friends offered us the use of their shower one evening. What a blessing they are to our family.  

This evening my sweet hubby got the tub and shower surround completely installed.

 All that's left to do is trim it out and purchase one of those cool Curved Shower Curtain Rods in Oil Rubbed Bronze.  
Of course I'd like to continue remodeling the bathroom with these cute self stick tiles from Armstrong. I think the pattern is Bodden Bay.. or something like that.

This beautiful Kingston Oil Rubbed Bronze bathroom faucet:

And what would a bathroom remodel be without lighting, right? Of course!

And last but not least....  this pretty Kingston 5 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set in Oil Rubbed Bronze

I've been looking at paint colors and I think I might have figured out what I'd like in the master bath.
Something beigy,... but tanish too. (are those words?!)

Check out this color: Craft Brown from Behr:

I dunno... it looks kinda rosy pictured here. And I do. not. want. rosy.
Anyway, you get the idea!

I am sure it will be a while before we are able to completely remodel the bathroom.  And that's okay. At least the tub/surround was replaced.  Besides, sometimes I enjoy looking at how I'd like my rooms to be. It's a fun and free (for now) outlet. :)