Thursday, October 23, 2014


Sophia is two now. She had her birthday a few weeks back. I'd love to share pictures with y'all but life has been so busy! Also, we don't have wifi at home currently. Boy, you sure do miss a luxury like that! But, it is a luxury and we're trying to pinch pennies.... so here at McDonald's I sit mooching off their wifi. :) 

And instead of a smattering of birthday pictures of my precious two year old girlie, you will just have to enjoy these pictures of Sophia and her "pie" she made out of the dirt pile at our house. :)

Until I have more time...............

Monday, October 6, 2014

Dating your husband

Do you date your husband? 

My husband and I have made it a priority to date one another. At least weekly.

Life with children (no matter how many you are blessed with) is busy. Life in general is busy!

Work, children, homeschooling, running a household, homesteading, gardens, church, grocery shopping, keeping up with family and friends are all areas that keep us so busy. I think we often forget to slow down and enjoy one another as a couple. I see parent's do this often. We've been guilty of the same thing.

Just this past week I've heard from two couples that are a bit younger than Casey and I tell me that they don't date one another. I'm sad for them! Actually, I hope to offer the gift of babysitting every so often so that these sweet couples can get out for a little while and re connect with each other. Even if it's once a month.

Years ago before my husband and I had older children who were able to stay home and care for their siblings (and thank you girls! You are such a blessing to Daddy and I. I love y'all SO much!), my husband and I dated one another. Usually it was in our family room. I'd put the children to bed and we'd order take out or I'd have something else ready that I had purchased during my grocery shopping trip. We'd eat, chat, play checkers, whatever. It was just fun to have that down time with each other. A time set aside to reconnect as a couple. 

As we made new friends at our church, there were times where we would trade babysitting with another couple. Maybe once a month we'd watch their kids so they could go out. Then next time, it'd be their turn to watch our kids while my husband and I went out.  

It's important in the busyness of life, even with it's joys and commitments, to date our husbands. It can be something so simple as a $5 Caesar's pizza and sitting by a lake or at the park on a picnic table. Or it could be Dollar Menu at McDonald's. Or if you have more money to go to a "real" restaurant, that's great too!

It's not important how much money you spend or even how fancy you're dressed up. (Although lip gloss, a spritz of perfume and a smile do go a long way!) It's important to just get away for a couple of hours and hold hands. Chat. Or just be quiet with one another. Husbands and wives really do need this time together away from their responsibilities to just relax. 

Last night my husband and I went out on our date. Not having a lot of money or time on this particular weekend we chose to go to a local park/lake that is 10 minutes from our home and have our dinner sitting in our van. I picked up some "date food" and paper plates while I was in town doing my regular grocery shopping. Our whole meal, including a drink and dessert, was less than $15.  

Our view to the left. 

Our view to the right. 

Here is our dinner: Summer sausage, cheddar cheese, Ritz crackers,
flavored water (we each got one) and a large Dark Hershey candy bar to share.

It was really good! 

But the company was better than the food. :)
I love my husband. He is such a hard worker and good provider for our family.

Our view before we left.
Gorgeous Texas sunset! 

Y'all be blessed and go schedule a date with your honey! <3