Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

A beautiful Mother's Day

My daughter Sarah (17) bought me these lovely roses.
(the card was from another daughter)

This picture was from December of last year but it's the only
one I have with all 11 of my children in one picture!
We'll need to work on that. :)

My girls decorated our dining room for our Mother's Day celebration. 

I actually bought my own decor.
I stopped in the Dollar Tree and found these beautiful colorful, floral paper plates,
napkins, streamers and flower lei's!
The children bought me the balloons and tied them to my chair. :)

My dinner of choice was ravioli, croissants and salad.
My husband bought me a single serving of White Zinfandel. 

My oldest daughter Ashley (22) made two delicious pecan pies from scratch.
Best pies ever! 

Nathan, Hannah, Rebekah and Sarah <3

Ashley, Lily, Emma, Mary and Leah <3
A very tired Mama with Nathan. <3 

Daddy with his flower lei on. :)

My Sophia Belle looking all cute.
The picture was blurry because the little stinker wouldn't be still! 

After everything was cleaned up from our meal
we all sat down together to watch the Disney movie, Tangled.
It was really cute.
My children really enjoyed the fact that we all sat down to watch it together.
I did too. :) 

While we were all sitting, we all of a sudden saw purple lightening outside and
huge winds came up. I had the girls hit pause on the movie while I checked the radar on my phone.
This is obviously a small storm cell (compared to others this past week)
but it came literally right by us. We got the dark yellow.
We were all so thankful that the red missed us but we were surely
praying for those in it's path.
Scary Texas Springtime weather!
I told my family we need a storm room built onto the back of our house. :)