Sunday, November 16, 2014


This post will be just a rambling of my thoughts....

With a cold and gray winter approaching  (brrr, I think it's already here in NE Texas!)  I'm thinking that I need to consciously think about things to keep my spirits up. It's not like I get depressed during winter time or anything, but I do love sunshine and being outdoors is my most favorite place to be. Winter time kinda forces you to stay indoors for long periods of time.

So....... what are some of my favorite things?

Pregnancy and childbirth, especially homebirth

I think during my indoor time I will be writing up ALL of my birth stories to the best of my memory. I have given birth 11 separate times, so, this may take a while. And I am wordy sometimes too.... so, yeah, it may take a while.

Gardening... I love gardening! Am I good at it? Um, not really. But, I like it so there! I will be planning on what I'd like to do with my gardens this upcoming Spring.

Flowers..... I love flowers. Probably because I love color. The more color, the better in my opinion! So, I will also be planning what flowers to plant and grow around our little 2 acres next year.

We are still without wifi at home (I'm at McD's currently) so don't expect daily updates. Heck, I might not even be able to update weekly. I do have a cell phone for short, brief things... but not blogging. Touch screens are not cool for blogging.

So, those are my random thoughts for the day. :)

Hope you are all keeping warm!

Be blessed!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Instagram help needed!!!!! ***Updated***

*** Update: Well, I gave in and opened another account. :)   ***

I have a big problem.

I am locked out of my Instagram account.

Seriously! I was "cleaning" out my cell phone and instead of touching the "clear cache" button, I pushed..... yes, you know what I'm about to say.... I pushed the "clear data" button.

Oh me.

It didn't bother me really, until I went to see what was up on IG. Instead of getting a smattering of pictures from other sweet ladies who I follow, I get....

the Log In page.

And I don't remember my password to save my life. I'm not kidding.

I've checked and rechecked and the problem isn't with me. I've requested that password reset email.

But I'm not getting it!

I must have done it at least 30 times by now.

No email from Instagram is making its way into my Inbox on my Gmail.

Do you know of anyone who can help me? Anyone know of someone at IG or FB who can help me?

On a side note, do you know how DIFFICULT it is to speak to a LIVE person at either IG or FB?

I've not been able to yet.

So, I got the big idea to write a blog post about it.  Go ahead and laugh. I don't mind......
just so long as you... or someone you might know, will PLEASE help me to reset my Instagram password!

Blessings to you,

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Sophia is two now. She had her birthday a few weeks back. I'd love to share pictures with y'all but life has been so busy! Also, we don't have wifi at home currently. Boy, you sure do miss a luxury like that! But, it is a luxury and we're trying to pinch pennies.... so here at McDonald's I sit mooching off their wifi. :) 

And instead of a smattering of birthday pictures of my precious two year old girlie, you will just have to enjoy these pictures of Sophia and her "pie" she made out of the dirt pile at our house. :)

Until I have more time...............