Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wordless Wednesday.... not

Pray for me! I have to go "you know where" today.   :)  

I'm a chicken... 

Yeah, I can have a baby unassisted in a birth tub on my back patio but I'm scared to death to go to the dentist! 

(I got this picture off the web. At least it's a cute dental chair!)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Been pretty quiet around here.... but not in my heart

God is doing something amazing in my heart.  I can just *feel* it.  He is drawing me to Him.
Not to a religion. Not to a particular church. Not to a particular doctrine or denomination.
Not to a particular dress code. Not to a particular way of life.

God is drawing me... Janet Childress... to Himself. 

And I am pretty excited about it!

More to come.  :)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A hello and smattering of pictures

I know this little blog of mine has been fairly quiet. Lots going on as always. :)

Here are a few pictures I thought I'd share with you. Enjoy!

Sophia... almost two  years old!
Don't ask me how that happened so fast. 

She is definitely the darling of our household. 

Emma Rose bringing Mama a "huge leaf". :)
I love this girl! 

This was a puzzle that a few of our girls put together.
1,000 pieces y'all. 

Hannah did most of it herself in the evenings when it was quiet. 

This is a staple in our house.
I think my 18 yo son would live on this and call it a food group. :)

For Texas it hasn't been too terribly hot this summer.
But this was definitely a "hair up" day for me.
One day I'll get one of those fancy Lilla Rose clips...
hint, hint. :)

Sophieness taking a nap in the van.
Sorry it's blurry but it was just too cute not to include!

Getting ready for School!!!!
Homeschooling is such a blessing and privilege.
I truly love having my children at home with me all day. :)

What is life without white chocolate chip cookies? 

Sophia about to snitch some of Mama's water.......

There she goes!!!!

And then grins about it. Silly girl.
I don't mind.... unless she leaves floaters in it.

My new daily drink.
I try to drink a couple of these a day.
2 tsp ACV into a glass of water.
It's not that bad. :)

My little man.

Nathan has claimed the job of cleaning the porch as his own.
We are hosting 4 baby barn swallows and their mama atop the light fixture of the porch.
God bless you Nathan. :)))))

This was a fun day!

It rained pretty good but was warm after so I let the kids go play in it.
Don't ask me what I was thinking. 

Even Sophie got to play in the warm water. 

Guess what?
Nathan has his cowboy boots on....
yep, almost up to the knees in warm muddy water....
with his cowboy boots on.
Oh my.

Growing marigolds (from seed!) around the phone box. 

Cleaning the sofa's out. 

Leah gave them a good vacuuming.
Thank you Leah! 

These guys acting like they've actually accomplished something...
other than being cute! 

I'm trying to grow out my hair.
Waist length maybe?

Fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden.
They never make it to the table. :)

Date night with my best boyfriend. 

Nathan... in disguise.
I have no words. :)))))

My oldest daughter Ashley... .smaller!
You GO girl!
Hard work. I am proud of her.
She looks mighty cute too! :)

Speaking of cute....
I'm trying.
Did I ever mention I hate to sweat?
And I live in Texas y'all. 

This picture makes my heart flutter.
My oldest son Kyle with Nathan and Sophia.
Can I just keep them small forever?
I'm so proud of Kyle. He has a full time job and a truck.
At 18. :)

Sisterly love.
Rebekah serving Lily by painting her toenails.
My heart swelled when I walked into the bathroom and saw them.
Had to take a picture. 

These four little poop machines are the barn swallows that are living above our porch.
My husband is waiting not so  patiently until they fly the nest to remove the nest.
Thank you Honey. :)

Our gardens didn't do as good as I had hoped this year but that's okay. There's always next year.
We are now getting an abundance of cucumbers, which is wonderful!

I want to learn to pickle some but they don't last that long. 

Hannah (14) is growing her hair out.
I actually trimmed it a little bit the other day.
I was so nervous that I would get it all crooked. 

Leah (11) growing her hair out as well. :) 

Three of my peeps! Emma, Nathan and Lily.
Nathan with his fashion conscious self..... :))))

Speaking of peeps...
yes! The Lord has blessed us with some real peeps... as in
laying hens and meat roosters.
All 100 of them!!!!!

Daddy turned 44 yesterday. You should hear his testimony.
He honestly never thought he'd make it this far.
God has been very good to him! 

We don't do birthday wishes here, we do birthday prayers.
I wonder what his prayer was. :)

I took this picture this morning. I am so thankful for our cute little fixer upper.
God has been so very good to our family. 

So happy with my pretty oval door.
We replaced the door a while back. 

A cute little sitting area out front for the little ones.
 A pretty flower box that my husband built. We're growing sweet potato vine in it.
Don't mind that broken window. Would you believe a water balloon did that?

Flower bed on the side of our house.
That pretty little rose bush there was a birthday gift to me by my sweet neighbors. 

There used to be a door there. Hubby closed it in and put shelves there.

Our apple orchard consists of five trees.
They are growing really well and doing great!
I can see them now all mature providing lots of shade for our chickens.
That tall area to the left is where our chicken run will be.
We're waiting on the fencing........
okay, we're waiting on the funds for the fencing. :) 

Our children's playground.
Tree house, volleyball area, trampoline, swingset, slide and dirt pile. 

Our cucumber bed. Next year I'd like to triple it. 

This peach tree was given to me by my son Kyle two years ago.
I can't believe how fast it has grown in just two years.
This thing is huge!

My peaceful place.... or at least one of them.
Our triple post clotheslines.
I'm hoping to get something growing in those flower  brick thingy's. 

We spend a lot of time in here!
Texas heat is a lot more bearable when you have a swimming pool to play in.
My husband built that platform so the ground won't get too muddy there.
That man can build anything!
(now if I can just get him to pick his socks up off the floor!)

Tire swing and Sophia's swing. 

One of our two benches that my darling husband built for us.
I stained it which was fun. :) 

Our family was blessed with the ability to buy this van outright last year during tax refund time.
It's truly the nicest van we've ever owned.
It's a 15 passenger which is great! 

Hannah made this swing for her younger brother and sisters.
That is my pitiful tomato garden in the background.
(or what's left of it)

And speaking of Hannah.... she'll be 15 this November.
Can someone please tell me where the time has gone?! :)

I hope you've enjoyed a peek into my life as a Countrylivingmama. :) I am so very blessed!