Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Randomness... from my home to yours :)

I have been very remiss in my blogging. I have a reason though, I really do!

I've been super busy.... when am I not busy, right? Honestly, some days I am not quite sure exactly if I got anything accomplished. But... I know I did. I think. :)

This blog post is going to be about nothing in particular.

I'd love to share about our garden progress as well as upcoming plans, chickens that we recently acquired as well as their new yard we just finished over the weekend, my hair that I highlighted myself, the two birthday's we've had, how it's been too hot so I haven't wanted to be outdoors doing anything garden related, the day trip my family and I took to a beautiful Oklahoma park, and a few yummy recipes we've tried..... but I won't today.

Instead, here are some random pictures of my life. Btw, I do post pictures on Instagram which is pretty fun. I like Instagram because it's short and sweet.

Take a picture, post it... done. :)

(Some of these pictures may be repeats for you Instagramers.)

Beautiful Texas evening sky.
It's starting to get dark earlier....

Nathan pretty proud of himself for climbing the Crape Myrtle tree out front. 

My Sophia and her long hair.
Her sister thought it would be fun to give Sophia a horn.

Speaking of hair, this lovely young lady got a new "do".

Sarah's hair was way down her back and she was ready for a change.
I love what the stylist did!
Fresh and very flattering! 

My husband was in the kitchen with me the other morning
(this is a rare thing, don't let him fool ya!)
he was looking for a "biscuit pan".
hee hee.......

Why we chose to homeschool years ago and why we still do.

Texas storm brewing.
These wouldn't scare me as badly if I had a storm shelter. 

Me... in jeans.
Normally I wear skirts.
A working out of my faith.
Don't judge.... it's my journey. 

Texas sunrise.

Emma Rose shopping with me the other day.
Don't EVEN ask me what she was thinking or doing.
Goofy girl. 

Sorry that this picture was taken in the paper towel aisle,
but isn't that the most gorgeous pony tail you've ever seen?
(the owner of said pony tail is Mary)

We like puzzles here at our house. 

Young and old children do them.
We have 100 piece puzzles up to 1000 piece puzzles. 


A dear Mennonite neighbor kindly brought over her extra eggs.
Thank you!

Yeah, we're serious about our safety.
Even when it comes to chicken feed.  :)

It was Emma's turn for a birthday.
She's thinking about her birthday prayer before blowing out her candles. 

The view one morning from my wooden swing.

Sophia  chillin in the wagon.  <3

Another view from my wooden swing.
I love to sit out here in the mornings.

Kinda blurry but Sophia is clearly enjoying her Tootsie Pops
from Emma's birthday pinata. 

The pinata Mary made just would not bust!
So I had the kids line up while I tossed the candy up into the air
and they ran to claim some. 

Daddy with his girl, Sophia.
See Casey's Father's Day shirt I had made for him?
I design one just about every year with each of our children and their name.
It's really special.  <3

Mary got the idea to make her very own pinata.
She looked it up online, set to work and BOOM!
A homemade pinata! 

This girl is creative!  (reminds me of her oldest sister, Ashley)
No more store bought pinatas for the Childress Household! 

Daddy  hung the pinata and the kids are gathering hoping to bust it!
No one ever did. Not even daddy! 

Emma giving her big brother Kyle a thank you hug.
Kyle gave her cute pillow and V-Tech smart phone for her birthday.

Funny how both Nathan and Rebekah are looking at the bag.
Emma looks pretty happy that it's "her" day!

My oldest daughter Ashley (21).
I will be. so. sad. when she gets married.
And no, she is not spoken for......
but the very thought of it makes me saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddd.
(yes, that is completely selfish of me I know)

Emma being silly after she saw Kyle doing the same thing. 

Oh my.
I love this kid. 

Sophia enjoying her Dots candy.
Looking over these pictures makes me realize
that this girlie is getting waaaaay too much candy!

Sorry this is blurry... almost hurts your eyes.
I thought it was funny because as I went to take the picture...
LICK!  Ruby got him in the face!

And Kyle loves her anyway.
This boy loves animals, outdoors, anything nature.
Takes after his mama. :)

Pizza is a food group at our house.
We like to make our own but sometimes store bought
is just so good!

We were running errands in the small van.
Oh yeah, God provided another vehicle for us after the car wreck.
God is good! 

This picture was taken right in our field one evening. 

This was my view from the dentist chair recently.
I was like a grandma's poodle when company comes over.
Yes, I was that scared!
I can have a baby unassisted in a birth tub on my back patio
but I'm terrified to go to the dentist.
Go figure.

Lunch. Yum.
Shrimp should totally be a food group. 

Meet our new corn muffin maker, Leah. :)
This girl can seriously make some home made... like from scratch
corn muffins! Go girl! 

Emma and Nathan attempting to play Candy Land
but Ruby is being a pest and laying on the game board.

So glad he gave her a hug! :)
Ha! And I just noticed Nathan is wearing his plaid ensemble again!

This is my beautiful Crape Myrtle out in the front of our property.
I seriously love this tree. The blooms are so beautiful. 
The fun thing about having long hair
are the pretty hairstyles. 

My love note to my sweetie.
I actually took a picture and sent it to him at work. :)
(I love you Honey!)

Sorry for all of these food pictures!
Ashley and Sarah took me to Panda Express a few weeks back.
Yes, I got shrimp. It was so good!
I am proud to announce I ate my whole meal with

Until next time, God keep you and bless you!

........ Countrylivingmama

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I am aspiring to be content.....

But I sure wouldn't complain if God would open doors for our family to move back here!  :)

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***Note: I don't own any of these pictures. They were found online.