Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sewing time

The girls were in need of some new dresses and skirts. We have a sewing machine but a Serger makes sewing much simpler and really helps the garment to last longer because of the reinforced seams. Our old Serger had a broken part and was pretty old, so we made the decision to buy a new one. Yay!  (cash, not credit)

After the arrival of the new Serger, a trip to Wal Mart was in order to buy some fabric, thread, elastic and buttons.  We were able to find some cute prints for around $3 or less a yard! That was pretty awesome. :)

I hope to share pictures of the girls in their new clothes pretty soon. Ashley (my oldest daughter 22) is our House Seamstress. :) It never ceases to amaze me at how quickly she can create a garment. 

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Cookies and chili

With so many capable daughters, it seems I am hardly in the kitchen anymore. With the purchase of my new food processor, it's given me the urge to cook! 

While doing my regular grocery shopping, I decided to buy the things needed to make homemade chili and some chocolate chip cookies so I could prepare a nice meal for my family. 

It was so much fun to be in the kitchen. It reminded me of how much I genuinely enjoy cooking and baking. I really should do this more often. 

I have a galley kitchen so it's pretty small.
This is my baking counter. My husband built the bottom portion and
we bought a counter top and attached it.
It's wonderful! 

My oldest son bought this beautiful tray for me at Christmas time. 

Piled high with freshly made chocolate chip cookies.

I made this one for my husband. <3

Getting the meat, tomatoes, bell pepper, garlic, onion and spices
all together for the chili. 

Pressure cooking red, pinto and kidney beans.
Can I just tell y'all how much I LOVE this pressure cooker?
It cooks things in a fraction of time and is perfectly sized for my large family.  

Dinner is done!
See those jalapenos? Those are a staple at my house. :) 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Maybe this one will survive?

I love house plants. I love the green. I love that it's living. They really add a little something special to a room. 

There is a corner in my family room that I've always had a mini tree. I don't know the name of it. It's just some sort of a palm tree. I've had more than one. :)  The problem with these palm trees are any time the leaves touch the walls, they turn brown. It doesn't take too long for the tips of the branches where the leaves are to die. Then the whole plant just looks terrible. 

I've always thought of having a Ficus tree in the corner and thought I'd probably end up getting a fake one. I've seen them at thrift stores and I really like them. I've just not been thrilled with the idea that the leaves collect dust. One more thing to dust is not high on my list.  

While I was at Home Depot recently I spied a real live Ficus tree! I've never seen a live one there before so I was pretty happy about it. I texted my husband to see if it was in the budget. It was. :)

I took out the old, pitiful looking palm and replanted the ficus tree in the pot. I actually need to add more potting soil to the pot. 

I love it! Fresh and green. And this particular tree will grow up and not out so hopefully it will last a long time.  

Isn't that pretty?!

My pitiful palm. 

Not a super clear picture but this is where the Ficus tree resides. :)